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Paul is a very passionate intense person when it comes to helping his clients with their real estate needs. Having 35 years experience advertising and marketing homes, land, residential and commercial real estate has enabled him to learn what works best with unparalleled service and know how netting sellers more for their homes and negotiating better deals for buyers. Whether working with a young couple to find an affordable first home or finding a multimillion dollar principle or second home, or marketing to sell, Paul personally delivers the highest possible service. Paul is the #1 Broker/Realtor in Sedona, Scottsdale and all of Northern Az. setting the all time current standing record of over 56 million in sales with 87 transactions and is and always has been the top Realtor/Broker  from 1995-2017. He has been in the industry 35 years and has closed over 2500 transactions. Paul is also an experienced Contractor and Developer of residential and commercial real estate with vast experience in city planning and zoning , design, cost engineering etc., with five projects approved in Sedona. Not only can Paul find you the right lot but he can assist in the design and build the home for you. He owns and manages a boutique office or group called the "The Galloway Group".  "We do not compete with each other but offer a small group or team working together to assist our clients".

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